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All burgers are 6 oz. served with Fries, Tots, Coleslaw or Cottage Cheese. Add additional patty for $3.00.
Add bacon for $1.00. Substitute Waffle Fries or Onion Rings for $1.00 or Side Salad or Cup of Soup for $1.50
Tomato | Onion | Pickles | Swiss | American | Hot Pepper | Cheddar | Mozzarella Cheese | Peppers | Mushrooms | Olives - 50¢ extra
Bacon | Onion Rings | BBQ Sauce | Bleu Cheese Crumbles | Fried Egg | Pepperoni - $1.00 extra

* Flame broiled burgers from our local Rieder’s Meat Market

Available Items
These items are available at your specified time.

Philly Burger $7.95 each
Swiss cheese, peppers and onions.

Lane 4 Burger $8.95 each
Peanut butter, mayo, pickles and bacon.

Smoker Burger $10.95 each
Pulled pork, coleslaw and an onion ring.

Chili Burger (In Season) $9.95 each
Open faced burger smothered with chili and cheese.

Patty Melt $8.95 each
Grilled onions, Swiss and cheddar cheese served on rye bread.

Royale with Cheese $8.95 each
Shredded lettuce, American cheese, Thousand Island and pickles.